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This game is a trip lol.

Very interesting game you have there! I know this has been out for a while now, but would there be a longer version of this game like this?

He seems like a good fishing buddy.

it was fun

Most uncomfortable 5 minutes of my life, that was great. Very simple but it delivered that unsettling feeling of being in a car with a stranger. Bonus points for the awkwardness haha. It was also pretty hilarious not gonna lie XD. Your game starts at 11:56 on my video.


I never felt more uncomfortable than this 

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He is just like me

great game, i love it 

this guy was very odd but ...... i enjoyed playing this game lol 


He has such a nice voice and a friendly demeanor, but the conversation...XD Very awkward.

Great game!


funny looking model and weird ... would make a good creepy pasta about a creep . 

This was such a nice experience! I really felt like I became friends with him by the end. Glad I could add this game to my uploads for the spooky month! 

It Was So Creepy & Awkward I CANNOTT

Its an amazing and funny game, well done!

Super awkward and uncomfortable and also creepy.. Great Game! 


I felt so Awkward and uncomfortable GREAT GAME!


Stop Interrupting Me 

I am just trying to have a simple conversation with this gentleman, however he just won't stop talking. Doesn't even give me time to speak! But yeah, for a animation final, this was actually pretty impressive. It's more "when are he jumpscares happening" type of game.

Good Game

Remember, he isn't allowed to be this close to a high school.

This experience is a roller coaster... one second I'm thinking the driver is an absolute vibe, and then I'm frantically trying to get out of the car lmao. This made me uncomfortable but the dialogue was funny and was entertaining for sure! Yours is the first game!

it was soo intensely awkward ... i LOVED IT , Please make MORE!!  <3 

I don't know what it was, but I really enjoyed it!

this game is jokes


Love games like this its was hilarious. def could feel the awkwardness just wish it was a bit longer 8/10 from me cant wait to see what you do next! ~Wang

Awkward, but very enjoyable! Really enjoyed listening to him ramble haha (3rd game)

It was fun! Had me on edge thinking something was going to happen, but it was just an awkward one-sided discussion! 

great game short but good

Interesting game! Def gave the spooky vibes with how he reels his head in your face. I just wish you could interact with objects in the car. Pick up stuff even if it doesn't change anything. Keep you busy while he is talking. 
Also surprised I am alive... he rarely kept his eyes on the road...

you should make a game where they go fishing

This game is actually great, i felt like i was talking to a discord mod

Wish it wouldve been longer but the voice acting and little moments in the game were so good!


That hurt my anxiety lol

The voice acting is AWESOME and I love this game 

Yeaaaa awkward lol

So creepy. Quite an unsettling drive. 10/10 would recommend. 

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