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I really like this game!

This game felt unbelievably awkward in the best way possible XD 

Truly One OF The Games Of Our Time


man!! this guy....

Disturbing, but Great Game!

An amazing animation game, I hope a part 2 comes out with dialogue options :O


Well, that was kinda creepy. :)

By the way, the itch app can't allow me to download the game. It says that it cannot read the build of the undefined location. I'm not experienced in that, so hopefully that helps you (If it is an issue with the game itself) or the issue can be reported.


Really good game, I wish to was a bit longer, but I hope you have future plans for a long version. Great job.

Watch video here:

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Today I played the WORST horror games I could find.... yeah.... They were something to say the least. 


Now...this was a creepy "conversation"...


Did they just take audio from a guy that was high AF and animated it? lol


Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu


I have so many questions

Incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, perfectly done!



This game was interesting and creepy. I thought I would be able to interact with something in the car but I found I could only look around. Since I wasn't able to interact with anything or move around I wouldn't consider this game a game. It was a interesting little experience though.

Interesting to say the lease haha definitely didn't expect this but was really enjoyable and fun so that makes it good in my books I also put it in a video i did so if your interested check it out, starts at 8:58


LMAO!! W Game!!

Ahah yes I know that one ep from south park eheh, it would be rlly cool to go fishing with them ! Fun game :D

every time i try to download it says "cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

why is this?

A summary of every car ride with me lol. I really like the voice acting and the animation is really smooth. Great game and look forward to more!

Game starts at 00:15

We now need another episode to this!

Great Game, Terrible Driver 

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Wow, this game made me incredibly uncomfortable... I'd like to see more games similar to this!

ur hair looks amazing!! Love the color <3

Thank you, love!!

I resorted to a 2007 ride where I looked out the window and imagined rain for 10 minutes! WATCH ME  RIGHT? RIGHT...?

I use a mac and I cant seem to open the game!! help me!!

Definitely one of the games of all time

All kidding aside I like the voice acting and the animation/design for the driver compliments it 

Very good - I loved it when he kind of side-eyes you.  Absolutely fabulous!

This was so funny! Have to say, I loved the voice actor. He definitely made it weird, and creepy. Very short animation, but too real. 

Very short game but made me soo uncomfy . Game is first and starts at 00:08

Ive definitely picked the wrong driver.

I.. um.. Yea.. Uh.. Mm. Yeah..

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Neat! I thought it was going to be more interactive than it was, but I enjoyed it for what it is. The voice acting and the movement animation was pretty nice. Good stuff.

This game has creep vibes but it confused me more then it scared me.

Bro was definitely on some sus stuff hahah great game and dialogue


Funniest dialog horror gameplay ive ever played. The uber driver was a complete weirdo! Here's My Gameplay:

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Surprisingly relatable! we've all been there with some guy flapping his mouth like this! :)
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